Adimit no droppod if there isn't one plz

Two droppods across a 6 month season and that’s it ? Come on !
343i you announce monthly targetting droppod yourself but now what we actually get is already 2 month away from last droppod. I know it’s a “target” they’re struggle to hit but can you just annouce there isn’t one if there isn’t one Instead of being completely silence about it.
Also probably the monthly droppod plan has been cancelled but yet announced ? Since that Sept. update revoked a lot of previous made-public decisions (and they just talked like they just first announced it as if the previous roadmap doesn’t exist such as happily annoucing forge and coop comming on a certain date without realizing it’s a two-month delay from what they were originally promised and expected us to be happy about it), I just wonder how many announcements made before that update still remain valid (helmet,coating cross-core during S2 ? public-facing issue board ?).

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