Hi guys its me again, posting another detailed post trying to make Halo better with fair and constructive feedback.

Warzone is a successful mode in H5 with a variety of players coming to have fun by either playing to win, using cool REQs to obliterate others and having fun with friends. It has been one of the most, if not the most popular mode in Halo 5 matchmaking up until now. However the overall Warzone experience is not perfect. There are ways to improve the mode and INNOVATE it further for H6. My ideas and notes are below:
Video format:

written format below:

High tier air vehicle balance - vehicles like the banshee ultra are REALLY powerful in warzone games, guaranteeing users many kills upon usage unless being shot by a Spartan laser REQ. the torpedo and flip spams make it really difficult for players to counter it. Most players don’t feel motivated to attack the banshee and instead seek cover and shoot it from there with weaker weaponry. SAME GOES FOR WASPS and most players don’t call in lasers or have the high tier lasers
How do we reduce the brutality of these vehicles and encourage more players to fight banshee ultras and wasps? - remove shields from all air vehicles, but slightly increase armour health. This would add some extra layer of skill to the air vehicles and make dangerous encounters more risky, but still guarantee pilots kills and the chance to assist their team
Add extra layers of destruction to the banshees - this feature would motivate more people to fight these vehicles as they would feel rewarded and guaranteed that they are laying in damage.

Aggressive AI mobs - current stationary bosses aren’t too exciting to fight at times and are being ignored by farming squads. Having mobs of AI led by a mini boss attack bases and possibly capture them in certain points of the match would prevent farmers from farming on your core base 24/7 and allow the victims to retaliate if these squads have to move back to deal with the AI. These mobs would also make matches more dynamic and interesting for regular players.

Variety of AI bosses - have stationary AI bosses with guards, have aggressive AI bosses roam around the map in busy spots or attacking bases, going on a killing spree would make matches with AI feel more alive, memorable and would actually strengthen the sense of their presence on the maps.

In game base upgrades - upon holding a base for a certain period of time the team could be awarded the ability to vote on a base upgrade. Players would vote and the option with the highest vote would be chosen. These upgrades should be simple like:
more marines to defend base
more vehicles can spawn at once
mountable turrets spawn outside
random base weapon drops once in a while

Finally, a higher cool down rate for the top REQs - having this feature for banshee ultras, phaetons, armoured tanks, Nornfangs, etc, would make it harder for farmers to respawn with another super powerful vehicle or weapon after dying with a specific super powerful REQ weapon / vehicle. This would also increase the enjoyment factor in general for players.


Just because Warzone might be a successful mode in Halo 5 doesn’t mean we will get it again. 343 might decide on scrapping it for Halo 6 and might decide to make something better or new.

There’s plenty of existing threads on future Halo games you can contribute to.