Additional Support Request

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Is there a phone number or a trouble ticket system I can use to try and get actual feedback for my issue or am I only subject to power hungry moderators?

Typically when a company handles support they leave things open ended for the user to determine that their issue was adequately handled. You know, the typical “Is there anything else I can help you with,” or the nice and professional, “Was I able to assist you well with your problem.”

I’m really not trying to sound like that guy right now, but I really want help with this issue and I feel like this is the equivalent to an automated voice recognition system with some 1-800 number. I’ve been a long time fan of Halo and the company, but this experience has me extremely disappointed with the way things are handled and the future of the franchise. So please, if you could link me up with a phone number for technical support or a trouble ticket system, I would really appreciate it.

In your first thread, you were told where to post your concerns.

Instead, you reposted. And then made this thread. We’re not “power hungry” - we’re simply keeping the forums clean and making sure everyone follows the rules.

So after your vacation, once again, feel free to post your concerns in the appropriate thread as initially directed.