Additional Powerups in Infinite?

What power ups should they include in Halo Infinite? Personally, I think damage boost and speed boost were fun power ups that could be used in Custom Games or other less competitive environments like H5 Warzone. It wouldn’t hurt for them to return eventually like invulnerability from Halo 3 or the inclusion of some misc fun ones like bottom less clips. Imagine that paired with a rocket launcher in Fiesta!

I’d be fine with speed/damage boost in custom games but I never really liked 'em in actual matches.

I like the bottomless clip pickup idea, that could play into custom modes/maps pretty well.

how about a dual wield power up?

how about a random weapon generator power up. Every kill a new weapon spins out.

a clone power up, that follows you whilst firing on enemies (within reason)

a “eyes behind your back” powerup, a turret either on your back or a AI turret around your back that shoots anyone from behind you.