Adding weapon variants maps for more variety

A big problem with infinite is that the gunplay and games in general become very repetitive after awhile.

A change that could be made to help would be developing more powerful variants for guns, like we saw in halo 5 warzone, and adding them to the map for more variety.

So instead of sniper or rockets being the power weapon, It could be for instance a high powered bulldog that kills in 2 shots. Or instead of a stalker rifle it could be a hailstorm needler for a game.

I think it would open a lot of new gameplay situations that would help the repetitiveness go away. What do you think?


its an awkward and complicated conversation.

There are purists that hate the concept, simply because they see it as redundancy and redundancy automatically equals bad for the sandbox.

There are those that want as much whackiness as possible, those that think it would destroy balancing…

I personally think they should just bring back Warzone eventually (say season 4 or 5) and just go about it the same way as they did in Halo 5, they have put the variants into BTB loot caves from what I’ve heard, but I think that weapon variants are a really confusing concept so they should just make a mode out of it altogether instead of encroaching it into regular modes.

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Pretty good points, thanks Bluejay. I’m hoping they add Warzone too or something even bigger using Zeta halo and the bases as a template.

You still play btw?

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Well I haven’t played on an Xbox in months, I sold tons of my gaming gear months ago, and I haven’t quite decided to get a Series X again yet.

That being said… I will be making a return to Xbox here shortly… I’ve been playing tons of Steam (aka PC) games lately, but kinda miss Gears and Halo :pleading_face:

Going back to your point I think it is extremely unlikely they’d use Campaign maps without massive optimizations, Zeta Halo (the large open world area of the Campaign) is known to absolutely slap CPU’s, so you could imagine how absurd it would be to have say 16v16 or whatever in that already labor intensive area be. We have already seen via leaks some rough Warzone modes being played around with, I do 100% believe that 343i have the ability to have 12v12 Warzone on BTB maps and maybe add in some Forge maps over time. Frankly, it could easily be better than Halo 5 Guardians due to better enemy types and no P2W shady business going on.

The big question isn’t whether or not 343i can do it, they did it in Halo 5 and Infinite has lots of the building blocks and concepts still in place, the question is how they would go about it. I think they could try to have a dedicated Warzone playlist, and if its successful enough leave things as are, if it isn’t successful (or if it hurt BTB’s population too much) then they could just have Warzone as a voting option within the BTB playlist (probably through away Stockpile or something idk)

rest assured though Sammy, I have been paying some attention to Infinite lately, I’m really wanting to play Co-op with friends and Forge getting hawt, so I will make my return here shortly, and when I do we’ll play together :slight_smile:

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