Adding the Customize Tab (weapons bench, vehicle bay, body&AI, Spartan ID) for each core

Idk about everyone else but I have alot of armor, weapon skins, stances, and vehicle skins. The way I like to play is before each match I change to a different core (makes it fun for me) and part of the change of look is me changing up my weapon/vehicle skins/stance/AI to make my character standout visually.

I think adding a system where you select your core type and then can have the full “customize” tab for that individual core would be something great and make customization a little more easier to express and encourage more purchases since you now aren’t limited to choosing just one thing across the board for your Spartan.

To make it as simple as possible I would like to change the “Customize” Tab to be tailored to the core you have currently selected. That means the Weapons Bench, Vehicle Bay, Body & AI, and Spartan ID all save to the current core type. Allowing you to freely use all of the customization options you already have.

If we took this idea a step further adding the option to choose your core type and having 5-10 core slots to customize would be pretty awesome as well.

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