Adding Some More Environments To Forge

I love forge! But one thing that should be done (besides adding some missing items), is add MOAR TEMPLATES!

We got space, snow, and simple grass…

But I think there is a few more environments that can be added.
Got any ideas?

A list of my ideas:

  • Desert
    A sandy landscape with a small oasis surrounded with little patches of grass, probably on The Ark, Halo, or random planet
    Clear Day (A sunny clear day, and a city or forerunner structure can be seen in the background, buzzing with activity)
    Sandstorm (The background city/structure, and the entire environment is suffering from a major sandstorm, the direction of the sand flying depends on the direction of the wind. The sandstorm causes tiny specs of sand flying and the sun being partially blocked, an option of sand covering/withering the blocks will be available)
    Night (Or) Sunset (A simple night, clear night sky with stars showing, a moon, and the city/structure emitting a small amount of light in the distance with activity)

Natural pieces added:
Dead trees (like the ones from H2A)
Desert natural version

  • Mustafar (Just kidding,it’s call Volcanic, but I guess you can call it that way)
    A rocky landscape, with a lava river, similar to the glassed world of Meridian. Volcanoes that are active can be seen from far away, lava flowing.
    A semi-clear day(Little ash clouds emitting from nearby volcanoes yet still a day where the sun shines)
    Ashes (Eruption of a nearby volcano causes ashes to block the sun, causing a cloudy day. The smoke is being emitted from the volcanoes)
    Apocalypse (A red sky, volcanoes are extremely active, darkness covers the area with the lava river becoming a major light source, ashes block the sun and the world is literally a black and red world. Hell. Or Mustafar, now can we have proper sword battles?)

Natural pieces added:
Charred trees
Lava puddle
Volcanic natural version

  • Island
    A lonely island with rocks littering the coast and a lush landscape in the middle of the island perfect for making jungles. Active wildlife in the background.
    Clear day (Self explanatory)
    Night (Self explanatory)
    Extreme Tropical Storm (Cloudy, with water spouts in the distance and rain)
    Sunset (Beautiful sunset, and if they can… Majestic space whale, and majestic space dolphins in the background)

Natural pieces added:
Vines for jungle trees and abandon buildings
Tropical trees
Jungle trees
Island Natural

  • River
    Simply a river between two large landscapes that can be used for tropical, jungle, and alpine environments.
    Clear day (Self explanatory)
    Sunset (Self explanatory)
    Rainy day/Cloudy day (self explanatory)

Natural pieces added:

Totally for. Probably won’t be added but I’d like to see.

More canvases isn’t really a necessity at the moment, but those are some great ideas regardless.

Sand can be created on parallax. Some fog colour settings… Actully turns terrain pieces into very convincing sand pieces and blocks out the sky box with sand storm like dust

I want the desert canvas, but I’m good for now. There’s a lot to take in Forge.

A complete ocean forge area map would be nice with a decent underwater map area size…still surprised 343i haven’t put that in yet.

It would spice up forge a little