adding prometheans to halo 4 multiplayer

Adding firefight to single and multiplayer and have it so in firefight when you have more than 1 person they can choose to be on the Promethean side or the spartan side, in multiplayer bring back invasion and have it so its prometheans against spartans so its just like invasion in reach but withe prometheans and spartans and the prometheans start of with forerunner weapons but can pick up human weapons vice versa for spartans

I would rahter have both the Sanghelli and the Promethians involved in some form

I want nothing more than the return of the Invasion gametype!

I think the more species applied to MM, the more variety and depth they will bring, which can never be a bad thing.

However, the voting options (op) are a bit too numerous and messy, Try to keep the voting options to two or three at the most to get a clearer representation of people opinions.

Incase i did not make myself clear BRING BACK INVASION!!]


Teleporting around and -Yoink!--slapping spartans sounds fun

Play as a Knight? Yes please.
Play as an Elite? Yes please.

343i seems to think all people care about are Spartans.

Nope, the way I see it, the Spartans are the monsters (they’re called Demons). Flood showed their victim’s faces in agony, most Knights did not have a choice in their creation, Elites experienced great treachery.

I sympathize more with the enemy than I do with Spartans (not to mention how most of the Spartan IVs are immature).