Adding Halo friends for MCC and Halo 5

I have been a long time halo supporter. I bought halo CE on launch of the original xbox not knowing what to expect. Since then I have put many days into all the halo titles. I am looking to add gamers who share the same support for halo.

I will be running through all campaigns attempting to get all the achievements. I will also be playing a ton of casual and competitive matchmaking along with some exciting custom games.

If anyone is interested in joining, send me a friend request


Alright, I can send you a friend request sometime tomorrow. I’ve been a long time Halo fan too. Unfortunately all of my friends moved onto to other games and the PS4. :frowning:


Same here! Add “Coh33dSurvive”

Add me and send a message! GT: jbolen

Rafikis War Cry, Lets get going on this -Yoink-!

You may add me as I may be a great asset

gt: Johnny Old Hall will do matchmaking and customs

All right add me i guess


Done My GT is TMB027

Add me everyone :). Gt: Henkow

I don’t got a Xbox 1 yet but everyone feel free to add me all my friends quit halo so it’d be great to have some people to play customs with again.

anyone can add me kujaling071

Anybody feel free to add me. :smiley:

Will do matchmaking and campaign I to have played since original. And played far to many hours

GT: x Dead Echo x

So sick of playing online with no one communicating so if anyone wants to play add tokasmoke and send me a message on Xbox live

Add me please

I’ll try to remember to add you when I get home. Or anyone feel free to add me: An0besePenguin Looking for more people to play MCC with and especially H5 when it comes out.

I’m looking for players that are interested in playing cooperative campaign and multiplayer for MCC and Halo 5. Interested in doing a legendary run if anyone is interested.