Adding Forge maps = Bad idea!

I hated them in Halo: Reach. They were so boring and colorless. The ones made by fans were especially awful. Why can’t they realize they shipped the game with too few maps and make some themselves to release for free as a token for us putting up with their -Yoink-.

Sigh here we go again -_-

Reach’s problem wasn’t that they added forge maps, it was that they added too many. Some forge maps would be a good thing, especially considering the lack of smaller maps. Relay should have been in MM from the begining and community forgers have made some really cool maps including classic remakes like Lockout.

Reach’s problem is that they didn’t regularly updated the game. They updated it a few times and left it alone for the remaining year (except for removing playlists).

Really, they should be updated the game regularly, adding in new maps and altering old ones.

Not only that, but because how a lot of Halo players have become so entitled in recent years they feel like they have final say on all maps. So all the Forge map creators feel intimidated because pretty much all their creations will never be good enough. Ending up re-designing their own maps until they got the “Final Destination” maps.

U Mad coz you can’t make a decent map yourself?


Yes you are right, it was boring having the same 6 maps with the same background.

They should only have 1 map online for each of the 3 forge map unlike freaking reach, 6 maps for the same blue sky, rocky green hill mountain forge world.

Get over it. You spent $60 on the most recent installment of one of the most popular multiplayer games in history and it only has a small handful of maps.

Having user created content in its own playlist is one thing, but not adding maps would be the last nail in the coffin for this series.

And if they wait until all of the DLC is sold to add these maps, that just shows what a scummy company 343 really is.

Considering the only map I seem to ever play on is Haven, I find your argument flawed.

Community made maps are great for game-play, I could care less about aesthetics.

Just give me Relay for now and I’ll be good :wink:

> U Mad coz you can’t make a decent map yourself?

I am bad at making maps because I do not have the patience to make one.

What? Some of the best maps in Reach were forge maps, Kingdom, Trident, Sanctuary, Renova (just kidding about that one) there’s more I just can’t remember the names since I haven’t played Reach much since H4 came out. I want the forge maps, I WANT VARIETY!!!

I think forge maps should be added, and the file share system needs to be fixed asap so we can get the word out on the good maps that have been made by the community.

If they are well thought out fun maps then I see no problem. Though which map would it be on since we would nee a pretty large blank map to forge on.

Homestly, I would love a remake of Reach’s forge world in Halo 4. I loved the overall look of it, and it gave me plenty of space to create whatever. I feel like the forge mode on the new maps are to caged in and offer to little items to work with. It just my opinion though, I hat haing to forge on, that map, to get that piece.

Now that we have 3 different forge environment we should see a lot more variety in forge made maps. The forge Maps I have seen in some you tube videos are actually really beautiful, well crafted and above all else They play well.

Just insert a TINY handful of aesthetically diverse maps and LEAVE them in. DON’T keep removing/adding because that becomes infuriating for folks who never get chance to settle into designs.

Pick three and commit.

Keep the UGLY palette at a minimum - keep Forge maps as a small side dish to the more attractive official maps.

OP, this is the kind of logic that makes Ancient Aliens such a great comedy show…it really doesn’t make any sense at all.

1: YOU don’t like Forge maps, so the whole concept is wrong?

2: It wasn’t done right in Reach, so it can’t be done right period?

3: Some of the chosen maps in Reach were bad, so all community maps are bad?

4: Reach maps were grey, so ALL maps are dull?

Let me put it this way:
If 343i picks better maps from the community (or let their own map designers do the job on) and implement them better than Bungie did with Reach, that would already be a huge improvement.
If they’d also make use of the 3 different Forge worlds with different colorschemes etc, the maps would be more visually diverse and visually appealing.

Better designed maps + more diverse maps + more smaller scaled maps (promised in WU) = no reason to complain.

MLG Sanctuary was one of the best maps in Halo Reach…

The Cage/Uncaged is the best Reach map and it’s made on Forge. It was well constructed and despite being made on Forge, it wasn’t that boring to look at. So was Pinnacle (remake of Ascension from Halo 2), all thanks to open environment.
I also didn’t liked look of many Forge maps, but for Halo 4, I would like to try some, instead of playing Haven again and again (which actually looks like Forge map itself!).