Adding brutes in warzone and firefight

I know fighting bosses and all is fun. But what if we added the brutes in warzone, i especially love brutes but think about we, fight brutes we fight warlords and tartarus should be in their too. I think that it’ll be fun but let me know what you think. Should we add the brutes and their weapons in warzone? Or is eveything fine without brutes?!

adding them back would be a breath of fresh air into warzone but its highly unlikely imo since they were not in the base game i doubt 343 would take the time to make models and tweak AIs to working order now. i feel their focus is better spent on halo 6. but also i think flood in warzone and firefight would be amazing as well imagine fighting the jug from halo wars 2 in first person, that would be awesome but even less likely to happen then the brutes tbh

Yep, I hope 343 adds brutes to Warzone some day, after finish Halo Infinite. This will refresh Halo 5.

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