Adding a Fiesta playlist but not Slayer

I’ll try to keep it short

One of the biggest complaints after their ‘fix’ to the progression system is that we can’t queue for game-modes that we require for a challenge, an example of this is [win a game of Oddball]

yet, despite a new event dropping and a weekly reset we are still asking for game-mode specific playlists, I started some of my challenges and had people leave games because obviously they’re looking for a specific mode

I’m curious as to how long we’ll be waiting for the ability to queue for CTF or Oddball.

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+1 Agreed, we need to be able to queue for specific game modes in quick-play.

Also playlist related, as someone who just about only plays ranked, almost everyone I run into complains about not having a slayer only ranked playlist, especially since your rank is almost exclusively based on K/D…

Really hoping for a ranked slayer only playlist soon, as well as a separate exp system not related to the battle pass, that actually gives players an incentive to win.

I just want swat and team slayer…I care for nothing else lol.

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