Added Halo 3 MLG maps to MCC - Plus more!

A while back I started a project to where I would attempt to preserve anything that I felt was important enough to preserve from the Xbox 360’s Halo games, like MLG maps and game types, and remake them in MCC to be played on the Xbox One, since I’m not sure if 343 will ever be able to allow us to transfer maps and game types from the 360 to the One. (Action Sack and other fun Customs stuff will be my next project.)

I remade a number of MLG maps as accurate as possible, game type settings and all, using two HDTVs, a 360 and a One, side by side. Since 343i finally fixed that Halo 3 Forge bug that prevented us from making game type specific maps, I’ve been able to remake a few MLG maps for Halo 3.

I just added the following Halo 3 maps to my file share:

MLG Guardian 8
MLG Cons TS 8 (Team Slayer on Construct)
MLG Cons King 8 (KOTH on Construct)
MLG Pit 8

These are the only 3 maps I’m doing for now. (I highly encourage other forgers to make the rest.) Between these 3 maps (4, since Construct has 2 variants), you can play all of the v8 MLG game types in MCC, which I have also included in my file share.

NOTE: The original MLG Pit 8 was made from Pit Stop, which was an alternated version of The Pit that Bungie released later on which had the access to the upper levels of the bases blocked off by invisible walls. I was unable to replicate this feature in MCC since Pit Stop is currently unavailable on the One. Another thing that I couldn’t do was ghost merge the flag spawns underneath the floor like it was done in the original, so you will feel a bump when running over the flag stands in my version during CTF. (If you know how to fix this, like how it was done in the original, please do it for me or tell me how to do it and I will fix it.)

Also in my file share:

Halo 4:

v5 Pitfall
v5 Haven
v5 Simplex (originally made by Big Papa SaLoT and GH057ayame, All errors are my own.)

Between these 3 maps, you can play all of the v5 game types in Halo 4, which can also be found in my file share.

Uncaged - Halo Reach (with some Halo Reach game types included)

Other ish that you can find in my file share:
Halo 2 Anniversary:
Anchor 9 - Halo Reach
Unanchored - Halo Reach
Uncaged - Halo Reach

Board games that can be played in Forge:

Halo Chess Anniversary
Halo Checkers
Halo Backgammon
Halo Snakes and Ladders
Halo Senet
Halo 20 Squares (3 variants)
Halo Royal Game of Ur
Halo Nine Men’s Morris
Halo Alquerque (Quirkat)
Halo Go (13x13 board) Also known as Igo, Weiqi, and Baduk.
Halo Tablut (King’s Table)

Shadow Ops Hotel - A competitive map I made inspired by the map “Hotel” from the lost and forgotten Xbox game “Shadow Ops”!

I also have 1v1 Octagon maps for H2A, H3, and H4 with game types to go with them.

I made my own Grifball map and game type in H2A too, but if you really want true authentic Grifball, look at Nokyard’s file share. GT: runNOKYARDrun

To find my file share go to:

Options > Leaderboards > Campaign Timing> Halo CE > The Pillar of Autumn > Difficulty: Easy > Time: 8:58 > GT: Larry Tanng > File Share
I almost forgot to mention my Fat Kid game type as well. (No map yet, just the game type.)

Game on!

Words can not explain how much I appreciate your work thank you so much for this my dude me and my friends have been trying to find the MLG setting so we can practice for our halo Microsoft store tournaments. Thanks a bunch man.

Thanks Larry!! Wish there was a faster way to access your File share though :p. But I was able to scroll to the 8:58 and find you. Life saver

This is awesome, thanks!