Add Weapon-Specific Challenges w/ Rewards

The game is severely lacking cosmetics that can be obtained purely through achievements/playing the game and not a monetary transaction, which in my opinion is an important feature and one that Infinite definitely should have. I hear a lot of people talking about armor coatings and whatnot, but I want to focus on weapon coatings. I think that each weapon should have their own sets of challenges that do not expire and track across all game modes. Each challenge would have three tiers (i.e. kill 1 enemy for tier 1, kill 5 for tier 2, etc.), and completing all tier 3 challenges (each weapon would have maybe 5-10 different challenges) would reward a coating for that specific weapon. I think it’d be cool if the coatings were some kind of gold skin that looks prestigious and shows mastery with the weapon you’re using. I’ve provided an example of a few challenges for the sniper just to give a better idea.

  • Headshot enemies in PvP (0/5) → (0/10 → (0/15)
  • Earn double kills with a sniper in PvP (0/1) → (0/3) → (0/5)
  • Noscope enemies in PvP (0/5) → (0/10) → (0/15)
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Challenge is a four letter word around here lately.