Add the unreleased forge world lockout to the game

in the reach forge trailer it showed alot of things that could be made lockout was one of them. lockout is one that did not release, it would be cool if it had a official release and its cut content.

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Could you link evidence to it? Would love to see

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That’s really interesting. There might be a reason why it didn’t release though. It could have been because of balancing issues like distance traveled, jump height. or how to make Armor Abilities work.

There’s actually a lead here! Holy smokes! There’s a whole conversation about this still saved!



Dude! Now that Reach has had some big updates on PC these issues can be fixed. Not only does it run on more powerful hardware (making it easier to hit 343i’s minimum acceptable framerate for two players on split-screen on the weakest Xbox console) but there’s a Halo: Reach forge tool that will let you move forge objects around in blender. If the waterfall is laggy you can literally move the whole map to another area and then slap a kill zone underneath.

It does sound like the best option is to take an existing fan-made Lockout remake and then tweak it.


This is a silly idea but… @FyreWulff ? I notice that the quote I made has an avatar. This account is probably unused but if you read this then say hi!


I absolutely adore the amount of research you’ve put into this. This creation is something most people know vaguely about, but never to this degree.

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