Add Team Snipers

Can we add Team Snipers? Even if we have to rotate it out, with say SWAT.

I’d rather have a Snipers playlist than a few of the playlists. Snipers has always been in Halo playlists and not as a rotational. What happened this time?

Yes please, Id so love a Team snipers playlist

Snipers used to always be a mainstay. It should be added back. At the very least it should be a gametype in the playlists.

Yeah Team snipers should be a permanent playlist. Would gladly trade swat for teams snipers or even grifball lol.

Yes please! Team Snipers! Also Action Sack, Living Dead, and Grifball.

I would love for team snipers to make a comeback!

Please 343 your population would grow drastically with a ranked Team Snipers playlist. Bring back the Sniper Legends who changed the game

Not only in halo MCC but in Halo 5 too. Really looking forward to these two things…

Team snipers would be a good idea again

I don’t understand why ppl fail to check up in the blogs before posting. They just said that team snipers is returning soon . Hopefully it stays and with ranks. Also i want halo 3 in there as well this time.