Add Team Objective, Grifball, and Action Sack!

Title says it all. Slayer is no fun (I’m not saying this to Halo specifically, I love competitive MP games but have always hated the “kill more than the other team” gametypes in all of them), so I really want to see Team Objective come back.

But add Grifball and Action Sack back because they were the best parts of Halo. Those playlists offered the one thing no other FPS can: totally serious game mechanics (from the base of Halo) mashed into wackiness that is indescribably entertaining and hilarious (in a good way). They were the reasons I could recommend Halo to friends over other FPS, because it is what truly made Halo unique, the serious gameplay that did not take itself seriously at all. It seems to me such a quality is being lost in Halo MCC and Halo 5, and I think it can be easily remedied by adding back the playlists that truly made Halo a one of a kind game.