ADD sprint to HALO 3.

Please. please please. I would play it all day… :frowning:

Hell no don’t even mention that again.

Not even if it was possible, no…

Like no way hosay. Is using sprint and Halo 3 in a sentence together even grammatically correct?

NO WAY! Stupid idea!

The game works fine as it is.

why would you modify the perfect multiplayer game?

> why would you modify the perfect multiplayer game?


Lets add a jet pack and armor lock aswell HAHAH NO


People… And I thought I had seen every kind of… ignorance. Guess I was wrong.


This guy is either the only one who became a halo fan since buying Halo Reach or is a really really bad troll.

Rule 1: NEVER say “SPRINT” or other armor abilities in the same sentence as the perfect game, doing so is punishable with an Gravity hammer to the face (or Energy Sword)

The perfect game is of-course Halo 3.

> > why would you modify the perfect multiplayer game?
> this.

Yes this too.

Nope Halo 4 is the much better game Halo 3 is now unfortunately outdated and no longer fun to play and it really shows when firing it up after Halo 4 or even Reach tho the latter sucked balls Halo 3 is still old and outdated in comparison but for its time was amazing.

Funny that as far back as I remember, a sprint/dash function was talked about being included in Halo 2. Cant remember if it was Bungie themself who had that idea on the drawboard or if it was the journalist for the gamer magazine I read that listed the things fans wanted the most for Halo 2.

The folks back then had an idea a damn good idea that wasnt put into action until Halo Reach. The sprint. You know, what IF sprint had been implemented into Halo 2… AAAAND Halo 3? Would you diehard Halo 3 fans said aka the same thing now but with: “Halo 3 is perfect with BR and sprint and… No way they should remove it for Halo Reach, blasphemers!!!”

Just mind juggling right now, thehe ^^,

How dare you try to ruin Halo 3 by adding sprint

Are you a 453 person trying to mess up halo (again)



Your brain has a screw or two loose… why ruin a perfectly good game, the last of example of classic Halo MP, to make it more like the rubbish Halo 4 you love so much?