Add something to the tutorial telling people to play the objective

IDK what to do about the 80% of people who dont understand that when you kill half a team that they should push the flag and not wait around… people play WAY too much for K/D


Some people aren’t too aware of how and when to best do the objective. Comms can be very helpful to help them understand what role they need to play.

“2 dead, let’s push flag”.

“Gamertag D, move up I’ll cover you if you grab flag”.

Sometimes I think people get caught in a 50/50 of if it is the right time or not. It’s easy to make a mistake or a weak push that hurts your team. Lot to think about in objective game modes. They are very technical.

Blame the current weekly progression system incentivizing people to not play to win but play to focus on these randomly assigned but also very specific individual objectives. Its not great is it. I really feel like just going back to the MCC till this is all resolved.

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Even in ranked on Oddball, teammates just run away for kills.

Yeah, you can’t choose your gamemode, so people who don’t want to play objectives won’t play them, and challenges obliges you to play a certain way to level up the BP. The best of both worlds.

People not playing the objective has always been a problem. It’s not that they don’t know what the objective is. It’s that they don’t really care, and just want to pad their K/D a lot of the times. Or now it’s the dumb challenges. Adding something in the tutorial isn’t really going to help.

That’s why I mainly play TDM/Slayer when I’m not with friends, objective modes are frustrating when people don’t care about them.

Honestly I think the tutorial needs to explain even more baseline concepts - like the shield system and how the spot of the body you hit only matters after shields are broken. Apparently a ton of people are in the dark about it…

im confused by that, 4 burst of BR to the head kill, but if you dont hit the head it takes longer to pop shields

Funny thing is that that stuff is located in the loading screen tooltips and not somewhere more helpful lol. Tooltip advice needs to be moved to somewhere more accessible.

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It doesn’t take longer to pop shields if you don’t hit the head. It takes 11 BR bullets to pop shield whether you hit them between the eyes or in the toes.

The progression system does nothing to incentivize playing the OBJ or even playing to win at all. Also hard to blame people for not being great at objective modes (or even being into them) when we don’t have a choice to include/exclude them from our playlist.

In ranked that’s one thing but in social quickplay I’m doing challenges since that’s the only way to rank up. Sorry but this isn’t the players fault, it’s 100% the idiotic progression system is to blame.

In Overwatch it’s largely the same, a game that is about 90% objective game modes and still so many people forget an objective exists. Half the time people only cap the point or push the payload because that’s where the enemy is and just being proximity to the objective, caps it. About a third of the time people run to the opposite side of the map altogether to camp the spawn room.

That’s also a game that the heroes you play gives you callouts about the objective “this payload ain’t gonna push itself”, “hey, payload’s stopped, maybe we should get it moving again!”, “why’s the payload not moving? Get on it!”, “we’re almost out of time, get on the objective!”. (Not sure if you’ve ever played Overwatch)

Everyone’s just too focused on getting kills, it’s ridiculous. But you know whenever you try to cap the objective yourself, suddenly your team mates just forget what killing is altogether. Or they’re not worried about one lone guy so long as they can get that back to back quad on another group somewhere else.

Not sure if there’s anything they can do about it. Other than something stupid like penalizing those who don’t touch the objective, because then you’ll have people either not playing the mode at all, or getting toxic because they want all the glory.

Why should they? Challenges say it is more important to kill 3 spar as with the commando than to capture and win.

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No point its 50xp either way dont worry about anything in a match.

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