Add ShWATguns to the SWAT playlist.

I don’t play SWAT much but this gametype would be awesome to have and would definitely make me play SWAT more.

I agree that they should add the SWAT variants. SWAT Magnums, ShWATguns, SWAT multiflag, etc

I would definitely give it a try^^

Maybe you just join “SWAT” and the game type, weather it would be with a Br, Magnum, or any other would be listed before the round starts?

shWATgun is a great idea.
Swat Magnums would be great too ONLY if the magnum was taken out of the normal SWAT Varient.
I’ll be honest I don’t even touch the BR or DMR in SWAT unless the game is on Complex.
It’s a stretch but I’d say the pistol is even a little OP. I am rarely not the player with the highest kills/k/d when using it. I’ve nearly mastered the pistol because of Swat.
ShWATgun would be a great way to get that Shotgun commendation up.

ShWatguns huh?

Well here’s a good idea why not add the shotgun as a loadout weapon in this gamemode. eh? eh?

if it was just shotguns, hell yeah I’d give it ago. I’d try to rank my shotgun commendations up by playing SWAT then, TBH the new infection mode just feels unordinary and extremely weird and lame