Add server browser/server filter

HALO Infinite has a solid gameplay and good multiplayer, no doubt.

But there’s one major problem for the multiplayer: lack of server browser/server filter. Why? if you always connected to distant servers (maybe some experience this and maybe not, but I have experience this), that’s makes other players get connected to distant regions (Asia connected to US, US connects to Asia, etc) which made matches inconsistent as players struggles to play with unstable latency, packet loss, and jitter.

Feedback to 343 Industries and Microsoft: Add a server browser or a server filter which would allow players to choose regions that allow players to select regions to play matches like MCC’s region select. So it be much more accessible and enjoyable for HALO players outside of US like Asia and Europe.

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Sorry, their broken engine can’t perform your request at this time, please try again later.

Don’t see a problem with this. If people can create their own servers to add to the list then this would make some of the more ideal casual matches for people to play. More so then the match maker could ever provide itself.

There isn’t a reason not to. 343 just doesn’t like to give us more control so we could actually have as much fun as we could.