Add "Quote" Notifications to Halo Waypoint Forums

I am formally requesting notifications on Halo Waypoint for when one of your posts gets quoted by another user. One that would pop up and allow for you to see what a person said when they quoted you so that way you can respond.
Please take this into consideration, 343i.

I second this request

Sounds great have been wanting this for a while.

Yep I agree with above, it would be nice to talk to people faster and not randomly checking and whatnot

I’ve been wanting this for awhile.

Been wanting it since I started on the forums

This would be amazing. please make this possible 343? ^0^

Yes, that would be great! It’s annoying to have to actively “Follow” a thread in order to remember to check in to see if anyone’s responded to you. Granted, threads we create ourselves become auto-followed, but even then we get no real notification for new posts - have to look into “Followed Topics” to know if anything new was added.