Add player revive mechanic to WZFF

A lot of players are complaining about the long respawn times in Warzone Firefight. I agree that there should be a penalty for death, and that watching your screen for 30 seconds gets pretty boring. Here are my thoughts on how to reconcile these design goals:

  • Keep the respawn timers, but allow players to revive their teammates. This encourages teamwork and rewards players who don’t die right next to the warden. Because the player doing the reviving cannot move or shoot, it becomes a high risk/reward decision to res your dead teammate. - Allow dead players to watch their team mates. This allows them to do call outs, know when someone is about to res them, and its far more entertaining than staring at the fortress for half a minute.

Agreed with this post. Post it in the feedback thread for additional chances of being noticed, please.

I wholly agree with this too! Awesome idea and great argument!

Great idea bud being able to revive would be a welcome addition

This is a great idea actually.

I just try to stop dying.

Fantastic idea! Keeps the strategies involved in the long respawn time and incorporates more team play and communication. Of course you’d have to add incentives for random stuff to try to revive teammates instead of just letting them die and taking their powerweapons.

Think is a good idea that Campaign had and putting it in firefight is a good idea.