Add Party Up FFS

Who at 343i decided removing the Party Up feature would be a good idea? Isn’t Halo, and Xbox in general, supposed to be about community interactions?

I’m still baffled as to why I can hear voices after the games, despite nobody being in the queue with me.

I’m still confused as to why a postgame lobby was even added. It’s literally a waste of 15 seconds. Nothing gets accomplished, you can hear people talking but can’t mute them, select their gamertag, or anything else, and you can’t view medals so there’s no point in looking at the Carnage Report.

Halo needs Party Up. I just finished playing a few hours of Warzone because I don’t have any friends online (because searching in Ranked without a team is a setup for complete failure). Halfway through I realized it was no different than Destiny or COD, where each game I’m playing some random people. I miss the good days where you could party up with a team that worked well together, a guy who was funny to listen to on the mic, or a full team of 8 that were evenly matched each game.

Why was it removed?

I agree, I miss that most of all.

Also agree. Party up needs to come back ASAP!!!

Halo 3 did it good.

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> Halo 3 did it good.

Reach’s system in unparalled.

I’m baffled that they would remove this. I would spend a lot more time playing if I had the chance to party up with people that I played well with instead of brand new people every game. The lack of basic content in this game is laughable at the least. You guys should be better than this. Do you need Bungie to come explain what you’re doing wrong??

I’m in favor of it making a return. I met a few decent people in the halo 3 days that way.

Agreed needs to return