Add More Vehicles to Firefight.

To acommodate for more difficult rounds I feel vehicles should be added to some rounds. On the map with the spire there is always mongooses at the start. Why not add a ghost and Corp warthog to rounds like destroy phaetons, or a scorpion and a wraith to destroy all bosses (round 5) many people won’t use reqs and some people don’t even have the reqs. I feel like giving out a few to accomodate players would be nice. In the campaign vehicle drops are living and breathing but only Sarah Palmer is content sending us to certain defeat. We are all arbiters on a suicidal mission.

Halo: Reach’s firefight supported this kind of thing - adding vehicles in some maps like Beachhead where you have the rocket warthog. It would be nice to see this added with minimal vehicles in place, as not everybody has the REQs to provide vehicles for themselves.