Add more variety to loading screens by using your extra scenes

Once I updated to season 2, I noticed that the first loading screen took more time, probably because of the installation. And I noticed that the loading screen has more than just one scene.

It’s small feedback that doesn’t need to be listed as first priority, but it would be better for variety if the loading screen could randomly show one of the scenes from the loading screen, in no particular order.
In this way, there is always something different to look at.
Plus, I guess would be cool to see these loading screens while waiting for the game to start, but I understand it may not be ideal for technical purposes.

That is all, have a good day!


It would be nice to have variation on loading screens, for example if when loading, can easily be implemented a floor plan of the map that’s loading for example, or random images, doesn’t have to be dynamic.


It’s weird, that animated version of the loading screen only occurs when you boot the game. And it’s actually a really pretty screen, but it only shows the first frame of it in every other loading screen.

Like OP said, it’s a minor detail. But I love how it has that light moving across the landscape in a way that throws back to the loading screen from Halo CE and 2. It would be great to see more regularly.

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Agree. Maps would be nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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While I am waiting I like to switch over to the Credits screen.

The Halo music is awesome while I wait…

Remember during the flights when it was just a black screen and like 3 dots or something. After receiving the feedback they were like, “hey, that’s a perrty good idea”

I have to agree with this, even though I’m on a Series X & Loading Screens don’t last that long, some more images wouldn’t hurt like more of Halo’s Landscape, Chief & the Weapon, The Banished & just Chief fighting the Banished