Add more "Retro" Options and a long overdue request

Hello 343i I am an avid legal emulation supporter and regard game preservation to be very important to me and unfortunately as years go by the industry abandons its legacy. Microsoft will be shutting down legacy server support for Halo 3 in January on the Xbox 360 and a year ago made it impossible to digitally repurchase the original version along with all other Halo 360 games from the Microsoft Marketplace and Store. The work you have put in to keep Halo’s online alive along with supporting the older titles to look more closer to the original vision of Bungie has been very impressive and I hope we see more to come when development can continue.

MCC is very close to what I think perfectly shows the legacy of not only the feeling of Halo but also the presentation of the time period of Halo but there is something I personally would like to request and I hope some out there who also enjoy original versions of video games to also like to see and that is adding further options to recreate the look of the Halo games from the Original Xbox and 360 era and most of these request can be simply added to both PC and Console, PC would be the easiest to implement and that is the option to further drop down the Frame Rate Limiter to 30 (it only goes as low as 60) and to allow the MCC engine to support a 4:3 aspect ratio with correct scaling for the ratio so we can experience all the Halo games as they could be played on a standard defintion TV with a resolution that matches the time period. I believe 640x480 is already accepted on MCC but because 4:3 does not exist in the game it’s stretched and terribly letterboxed. If 4:3 is disabled for a Multiplayer purpose then at the least having them usable in only Single Player (PC disabling anti-cheat client) then that would be completely fine.

Lastly a request you are probably aware of that comes up yearly is the addition of editing the original credit scenes for every Halo game. I’ve replayed MCC a lot this month and it never feels right when ending a game because each one feels like someone hitting the eject button on a film right as the ending scene fade out and it’s a really terrible way to experience the art of Halo as we are missing out that moment of reflection on our time with it being accomponied by the background score. If Microsoft were still selling the original games on the Microsoft Store then it would be an option for us to experience the original version but we cannot and will have to rely on our aging hardware from 20 years ago or until community emulation on both the Xbox and Xbox 360 is improved. I understand the the Ones, Series X support these games by disk but its a shame this can’t be easily remdied by just reselling the digital copies.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


i want originall credit screens , and menus too !

and add classic duke controll button instructions etc. digital original manuals… these are all cool features that would retro the game out , and bring me right back to the time where it felt like i was the only kid in entire russia who owned an xbox .

I think having the option to at least just view the original credits and menu screens from the Extras menu would be a major addition. I would love it if these were integrated into the game more, but I just want these to be an option to view at the very least