Add Medals to H3 Please, Achievements

Hi 343,

Please add all achievement related medals to H3 in MCC.


What medals do you want specifically? As far as I know you can turn medals on for campaign play. So IDK what you are asking for exactly.

I think what he means is like earn a 2 double kills medals in one game or get 2 death from the grave medals in a match etc

Halo 3 needs a lot of work on MCC. Quite a few bugs still stuttering around, including the one for medals not counting.

Yeah, I’m talking specifically the medals that are attached to the ‘cross game’ achievements.

I like to get all Halo achievements (not sure why at this point, it’s the only game I do it for, not an ‘achievement hunter’ in general. I used to love the career page on Waypoint (343 removed it) but I still try to get the achievements even though it has less tracking / cool factor now).

  1. I love BTB & 80% of the games are Halo 3
  2. That’s fine, but H3 doesn’t have many of the medals or the medals don’t count towards the cross game achievements
  3. Would also be okay, however, my achievements keep resetting. I just can’t play enough to get the achievements before they reset (4 times now).

So 343 either needs to stop the medal counts from resetting towards achievements (Legendary, KOTH, double kills, grenade kills, party pooper, assists, etc) or to make sure that each game has a medal for each achievement and that it always counts to totals on progress (so I can spam the game and get achievement before next reset).