Add me for an Xbox Preview program invite :)

I was just accepted to the Xbox Preview Program the other day.
To make it easier on me and you, just add me and i’ll do my best to invite you all to the preview program.
I’m not a sleazy lazy person wanting an invite to get a 20 page thread going, i’m just a guy trying to help out the community out and hope like hell that Halo Reach is added to the backwards compatibility list so i don’t have to constantly change consoles to play it.
So if you’re keen add me

You don’t want to do this, Your messages are going to be BLOWN up. Lmfao.

GT vegasdrew420

I can’t find ur GT to add you

can you please send me a invite or try much appriciated thank you very much
gamer tag SVC PUNISH3R


> 2533274863202544;2:
> You don’t want to do this, Your messages are going to be BLOWN up. Lmfao.

lol surprisingly they haven’t, just started work so I won’t be able to invite people for 3 hours, done a round of invites before starting work, at the moment there’s only 2 people lined up for the next round

could you please add me my gamertag is acyclicflyer970

So round 2 of invites have been sent out to the people who have asked for it so far, anyone else wanting an invite will have to wait for tomorrow, gonna play some MCC before i head off to bed, got a feeling my messages will get flooded over night considering the time zone difference but good night to you all and i hope the people i invited to the program share the love and help me out with inviting the rest of the community :slight_smile: i won’t able able to do this on my own when those thousands of people in the other thread realize my thread is right above theirs lol

GT: Hard0wnerNL

We have a thread for this. Please use that one: