Add Legs in Halo Infinite Multiplayer!

Oh My God!! In halo Infinite we can’t see our Legs. This is a very Problem! i Want my Legs. Please 343 Fix IT!


Its because of your fov settings. Personally i dont really care all that much but if its important to you, keep your fov lower.


if i setting fov lower In multiplayer I am at a disadvantage. They should set the FOV to a certain value for all players, at least in Ranked Matches

What is your disadvantage not seeinjg your legs?


the disadvantage is having a smaller field of view than my opponents

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This is the least important of all the issues with this broken mess of a game.

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Things like non-customisable fov’s are the reasons people decide to play on PC instead. It’s a crime that games still get released today without an adjustable fov.

Is real… This game has more more Issues. I remember Halo 3, it was perfect from day one

Once the player chooses to go beyond 78 degrees in the FOV slider, the camera is pulled back farther than usual, nearly inside of your Spartan’s body. So at this point, the player character’s model must be invisible or else your view may be partially blocked.

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I’m playing on PC and i want a FOV non-customisable in Ranked match. So All players play the same way. Then in Campaign we can custom FOV

You didn’t get my question. Play with a high FOV, don’t see your feet. Whats your disadvanatge then?

Except in MCC it was fine.

Two completely different games with different engines.

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I don’t think it was intentional at all, probably just an oversight because honestly, most first-person shooters don’t have viewable legs…

And it’s not really a downgrade since seeing your legs has literally no effect on gameplay or player skill whatsoever. It’s more of a personal gripe than any thing really.

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Yea, I agree, I don’t gaf about seeing my legs lol, but it’s still another little thing, there shouldn’t be oversights like that imo.
It might seem like a small thing somebody could overlook, but in reality they test tf out of these games, I have a couple of friends that do QC testing for big devs.
They savage the game looking for bugs/weird glitches on maps/campaign, if they overlooked something like not being able to see the Spartan’s legs, that’s kind of a poor show/embarrassing especially giving the time 343i had.

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Yes, Not Seeing the Legs is a Visual Iussues (Which needs to be fixed!).
@esnoox if i Have a lower FOV, I can see fewer Targets to hit than the opposing team, which instead has a visual advantage

Dude, you gotta read more carefully. I’m not asking what the downside of a lower FoV is… I was asking you what the downside of not seeing your legs is. Still no answer to that…

There are so many problems, fixin this should be the last point on their list.

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Looking down in-game and not seeing your Spartan’s legs does not make a player play Halo any worse or any better. That being said, you can keep whatever FOV settings you want, the only thing it is going to actively effect is how detailed the pixels will be on your screen.

Lower FOV means the camera “zooms in,” almost like the camera is moving down the barrel of your gun. This will make the screen much smaller but more clear and detailed since the picture isn’t being forcibly stretched.

Higher FOV means the picture is pulled back or “zoomed out,” instead of the camera moving down the barrel of your gun, it’s moving backwards. This stretches the screen beyond it’s limit making it bigger which visually distorts the pixels making the overall picture less detailed. Once you go beyond 78 degrees, your camera will be so far back it’s inside of your Spartan’s chest and because the camera would technically be obstructed at this point, they just make the player’s model vanish, but again, this has no actual effect on gameplay or player skill whatsoever.

That’s funny

There arent’ downside of don’t see legs. But this is for me is a big Visual Issue, and i want that 343 fix it.
@GusTank04 Why is this funny for you?