Add keybind deletion option ASAP

This should of been in the game day one.

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Seriously, this really irritates me that there’s no way to delete keybinds for M&K, without restoring settings to default. We have 3 slots for keys, which is fantastic, but we can’t (as far as I can tell) delete assigned alternate keys

You cannot so I just assign it to a key I’ll never use… Like delete.

If you assign that key elsewhere as well you remove the previous binding you can technically delete every single bind you don’t want using delete then it will exist on a single binding at the end of it.

Should just be a default option to blank it out. Maybe there is a way to do it, nothing I’m aware of though. I assign down scroll to melee, so it’s funny when I forgot to change weapon swap and id melee and swap weapons every time. Had to change that the game after, was super annoying.

That was basically what I had to do. I used the /? key to clear the extras, since it removes duplicate keys. You should be able to hit Del to clear that key when it asks what key you want to bind

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I agree, doesn’t make much sense not to be able to clear it but I’m glad there is a workaround. I’m still trying to find my sweet spot on how to map my mouse. I’m not great on the keyboard.

I personally recommend left hand controller right hand gaming mouse, for joystick movement, but I’m a pretty niche case. You rarely find players using alternative controls other than standard controller/m&k outside of Japan, where the Hori Tactical was invented. Mouse is just a bit painful to aim with compared to aim assist, but the freedom of fast camera movement and joystick movement feels super good, if you have enough mouse buttons. There are also alternative keyboards, analog sensitivity keyboards, and keyboards with joysticks built on, like Razer Tartarus, if you want more than just WASD full acceleration

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