Add Jorge's chaingun to Custom Games, Firefight, and Forge. (Halo: Reach/Halo 4)

I know what you’re thinking. "What’s the difference between Jorge’s Chaingun and the Machine Gun Turret?"

Jorge’s Chaingun doesn’t have a face shield, which makes it better-suited to taking cool screenshots of your Spartan-III or Spartan-VI, as the face shield obscures a good part of your Spartan when viewed from the front… and looks ugly at any other angle.

And in Halo: Reach, Jorge’s Chaingun doesn’t have a movement speed penalty like the standard Machine Gun Turret.

At any rate, since it shares the same model and animations as the standard Machine Gun Turret, the better question is “why not?”


Are you sure it removes movement restriction? Jorge might just be faster with it because he’s an entirely different biped from the Spartan 3’s.

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it’s in Halo 4’s files and semi-usable, though mostly as a placeholder for another unused weapon/effect.

it doesn’t have a movement speed buff, but it could with some programming do more damage or be more accurate if they wanted

Yes, I’m sure. 100%. There is a way to use Jorge’s Chaingun in Halo: Reach on PC if you mod the game to make Jorge killable. Then you can just kill him and pick up the gun when he drops it; it functions the same as the regular Machine Gun (though the animations are a little glitchy) but has no movement speed penalty.

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I knew it was usable, I just didn’t know it didn’t cause you to slow down…

This is a great idea! I love it so much. Please 343i do this!

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Yeah I think it’d be good. Maybe at least make a Jorge skin for the regular turret.

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