Add halo 5 map veto

From my last post that talked of adding map voting people seemed to want map veto instead. What do you guys think? I’m down for adding map veto to halo 5.

I’d be fine with adding a veto. Definitely NO to map voting though.

Map veto is better than voting but It would usually result in something I didn’t want anyways. I still think the random playlist is best. In previous games, I got so tired of people voting for the same thing over and over…

No voting, no veto, just random. If a map is truly terrible, take it out.

I veto this idea.

I am glad there is no veto or vote. However, I still do not like playing the same map twice, even if I play two games a while apart from each other. Which is similar to when the same loadups seem to appear most frequently. (CTF on Fathom in arena and Raid on Apex 7 in Warzone, I feel like I wind up with those too often.)