Add for no bloom MLG customs.

Anyone that doesnt like bloom and like playing without it add my GT:MeLodic RaWRZZz. Gametypes we play.

MLG 4v4
MLG 2v2
MLG 4v4 no sprint 120% speed.
Slayer gametypes only because thats all they’ve given us.
Custom maps are welcome as long as they are good and the spawning isnt messed up.
Maps that will mostly be played
MLG Pit V7.5
MLG Zealot V6
MLG Oasis V6
MLG Sanc V6
MLG Countdown V6
Just ask if you want to play on a certain map.

I’m terribad, but I’d like to play…can i join?

> I’m terribad, but I’d like to play…can i join?

Yeah anyone is welcome i dont care if your a noob or your pro anyone that can play can join. just send me a message ill inv later. Thats why halo is failing in the MLG scene. Most Halo players Have HUGE egos but im not one of those people so yeah.

im up if you can get some other players. I’ll message ya later