Add back important medals like "Extermination" with the new Playlists

When adding the new Playlist “Tactical Slayer(SWAT)”, the medal “Extermination” should be added to the game considering that it always made SWAT better. There was nothing better than getting a multi-kill and killing the whole team at the same time. It takes tons of skill to be able to achieve that in a Playlist. The medal “Extermination”, along with multikill medals made the playlist SWAT amazing. Also there is potential for a higher multi-kill medal than killionaire, or maybe some swat specific medals.


This game is so lackluster, but when it comes down to the medals its downright pathetic how few there are.

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halopedia dot org / List_of_Halo_Infinite_medals

There does seem to be fewer medals than Halo 4 and 5 had, but I wouldn’t say it’s a small amount. Halo 5 had a whole bunch of Warzone medals and and Halo 4 had additional modes as well.

I guess I didn’t know extermination wasn’t in the game haha

I was missing the Revenge medal.