Add a warning on quitting that bans are issued for quitting

As the title says the game really should mention there is a penalty for leaving. Especially whenever the penalty is so extreme.

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I agree, since they have such horrible practices with their battle pass and monetization, they should at the very least give a warning informing everyone about leaving may result in a temporary ban. It is very difficult to enter a big team battle and there is only one 4v4 map that has fusion coils so getting a kill with one is a pain in the rear.

At a bare minimum they need a timer. They treat their players like crap with monetization with crappy servers, and pretty much every aspect of their game to be honest. I think after I finish the battle pass I won’t come back to this game.

if your connection is hogwash,
do u get banned?

if your parents kick you off, you get banned?
improtant phone call takes you away?

im dying buddy, or i’m gone.

WHAT WE NEED you goofball
is handicaps.

VIP on a team, or a Score Requirement Reduction or an Enemy Score Frequency Reduction.
as a pregame GAME TYPE notice, notice may be RANDOM.

and a VETO to negate the Quitting incentive.

see. if we’re gonna issue bans, its gonna be to people playing ranked without a microphone. you have 3 people dependent on you. Pull your weight.
At least a fat Ranked Ladder Board grind for not having a mic. because you’re not a teammate.