Add a new search preference in TU: Players with mics!

I honestly don’t know why it hasn’t been implemented already, in the search preferences where you can choose to prioritize skill, connection or even language! Why the -Yoink- can we prioritize language but not to find players who talk? What’s the point of the players understanding you if they can’t hear you? It may not be possible to detect whether a player has a mic plugged in but it should be able to detect if they’re in a party like CoD can. At least if everyone was in game chat they could hear you even if they can’t talk. And I know you can select “chatty” in the psych profile but frankly it fails hard, espicialy since you don’t even need a mic to select it.


Try looking in your psych profile next time. I know the chatty option doesn’t really work, but it’s all we’ve got :frowning:

If 343i were to add another search option, it should be “DLC” so you finally get to play the maps you payed for more frequently in matchmaking.

It won’t work. Players can just take off their mics anytime they want and the online arena is usually filled with loud mouths, squeakers or worse. Such a search option will find more people like this than actual players who communicate (which are rarity).

I am not saying most people don’t play with mics. They just don’t use them in a positive (or competitive) manner.

Solution: Play with people you know, put on your mics. Problem solved.

Easy solution: By default if your mic isn’t plugged in when you start searching the preferences for chat is switched to quiet and polite. When your mic is in it’s switched to Chatty and your tone setting takes over (if it was rowdy or no preference it switches from polite to whatever you chose).