Add a forge map playlist?

I know you guys are busy with this TU beta stuff, but can we have some more forge maps in MM please? Also could you add some of the forge maps that are already in team slayer to a few other playlist (like squad slayer,swat, infection etc.) I ask because I am sick of playing the caged in every playlist I go into. With that said lets get back to the topic I completely forgot about. The forge map playlist heres how it would work.

  • A playlist with slayer and objective gametypes
  • Maps made by the community and possibly made in china picked by 343
  • Maybe even every once in a while pick a map to be put into other playlist

and thats it. I know we already have new maps on the way I just think this would be a nice bonus. As some of you may remember they did this in halo 3. I thought it was pretty cool and would love to see a return. What do you guys think?

I’d rather this waited 'till CEA. Then they could launch a new forge contest for the CEA forge maps (cough, cough hang em high cough cough)

Then they wouldn’t have to call the playlist “Team greyer”.