Add a death barrier in the Grifball Arena

I have had several games where people go outside of the arena with the ball. Usually, they score a goal by ground pounding from the top of the arena’s glass, but my recent game had two friends hold the ball outside the map until time ran out. 8 stupid minutes we had to wait until the match ended.

A death barrier MUST be added immediately to Grifball’s outside arena. In the meantime, I will continue reporting cheaters who go outside the map.

They know of the issue and they’re working on it.

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> They know of the issue and they’re working on it.

Here’s what they can do.

  • Go to forge
  • Add the barrier
  • Save the map changes
  • Update the servers.Why do they take so long?

You’re forgetting that this is 343.

it might seem simple to us, however there may be back end stuff we are not aware of. not just on there side but maybe any change like that has to go through a microsoft approval proccess or maybe they see a few things that are going to need fixing so they will fix them all at once. or maybe they are testing out there fixes to make sure they work 100%

Truth is the update broke forge a bit so they have to fix forge before they can fix the map.

i dont really like this map anyways, id prefer something else, and there is only 1 game where people tried the exploit and failed, so i scored the bomb 3 times.