Add a "connection preferences" option! >:(

In every Halo up to this one, I’ve never had as many hit detection problems. The engine and coding both seem fine to me as everything works as it should offline. Online, however, is a big problem at the moment. I’m running 50 mps down and 40 up with a ping of 10-15 and no jitter on my line.

I believe I have narrowed down what my problem is with 4 that wasn’t present in Reach.

Connection Preferences This simple, often ignored option allowed me to choose how close my opponents are going to be in game. Sometimes when I was in a hurry, I’d search “any”, allowing me to play a quick game before getting off. Most of the time, however, I tried to play with people near me or at least with the best connection the option could allow me to find. This lead to less frustrating matches.

I just got done playing Regicide on Haven. I went 15 and 30. I’m generally bad at MP, but, the funny thing about my 15 and 30 is that I spend a good portion of the time on the respawn screen, unable to actually respawn.

That’s not the first time that’s happened to me, either. I have constant read bars with people, and so does everybody else in that room. A fun frag fest then turns into us running around just talking about how STUPID it was not to include something that I believe every game without dedicated servers should have. A “connection preferences” option.

TLTR: Make an option like Reach had to let me play with people in my region so I don’t have laggy and/or unplayable games online.


So I’ve heard. I’m in Ohio in the USA. People who have basic Internet knowledge would agree with this in my estimation.

No reason for anybody, no matter what country, to play with people they can barley connect to just because 343 is too lazy and or don’t care about us.