Actually, I think halo's microtransactions aren't as bad as they try to make it out to be

I’ve complained before about possible microtransactions in Halo: MCC, I thought that would cause a big mess, but…is it really THAT BAD? In theory, 343 Indistries never said that it would change the way they make money in the game. In-game currency, or rather by its possible new name “Spartan Points”, will be earned in the same way as before, only now they can be earned as well. get by paying for it, [and maybe they’ll also set up a shop, but all the items they’ll sell will be with in-game currency and not spent exclusively with real money]

What I am trying to say is that nothing will change in the way you get the in-game currency [Spartan Points], only now you can also get the Spartan Points by purchasing them.

Completing missions in campaign or multiplayer
Buying it with real money

LISTEN, obviously you won’t be forced to spend money to get “Spartan Points”, you can get them by completing the quests they give you every week, month and season.

I apologize if you are a bit confused, just trying to explain that I think some of the complainers are exaggerating and it will only be a change that will not affect anyone, it will only help those people who do not have time to complete. the game missions to get the game currency.

I hope you have understood what I am trying to say.

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It’s naive to think it starts and ends here.

Companies push the line on this slowly to not create whiplash to the consumers so most don’t actually pay attention when it’s in an incredibly awful state.

Don’t be surprised when items cost more points, but the amount of earnable & free points never increases.
Don’t be surprised when we get more obnoxious cosmetics (various FX like the ones in Infinite), and we are already about to see that with post-match poses.
Don’t be surprised to see challenges change in a way that makes them more of a chore to do in order to incentivize purchasing points.


I’m guessing you were one of the people minimizing the damage that the core/coating system would do to Infinite :roll_eyes:

Don’t you 343 defenders ever learn?


I’ve seen some stuff already in the MCC that cost 2 points now to unlock. I thought they were all 1 point except stuff from the exchange? Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Things within the Battle Pass have already pushed past the 1 Point per Item thing, while I wouldn’t be shocked if items suddenly were 5 points each, I’m more referring to the Exchange.

Which even in itself is an example that there is very little reason to take 343 at their word.

The Exchange… what was originally advertised as being a method for players to spend their excess points on past seasonally-locked content, now is just another FOMO store and any past seasonal content is from the same small list. So many items from past seasons still never making an appearance.


I wasn’t sure myself if all the original prices were 1 point since I unlocked what I wanted (Reach battlepass) and was trying to decide which season I wanted to do next and noticed some stuff was now 2 points.
Come to find out 343i is think about monetizing MCC and it all makes perfect sense.
It’s not enough that they tarnish their games with it, now they are going to smear the old ones.

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No. They are. The moment 343 Industries gets the notion that we’ll accept this mistreatment of the Halo intellectual property, that’s the moment we lose as gamers.

Halo Infinite’s macrotransactions are egregious in every sense of the word. What makes you think The Master Chief Collection’s will be any better?


The problem isn’t that you can pay for unlockables

The problem is that they went back on a promise and that some spoiled rich kid can just buy the unlockables when some chad put the time and effort in getting them


ODST characters took 2 points each, both with and without helmet.
But otherwise, mostly just stuff on the exchange.


THIS! Holy crap 100% this! The OG Halo games were ALL about the grind, be it rank or cosmetics. MTX in MCC are NOT ok and NOT WELCOME!


This forum has a lot of jerks in it, and there’s plenty that are daft.

But don’t condescend about this.

And that’s exactly why MCC doesn’t need Microtransactions, if we’re already earning it by playing then there’s no reason to monetise MCC.

Pay2Earn shouldn’t be replacing Play2Earn, PERIOD


Sooner people starting rationalizing MT the more company’s think they can get away with then it becomes another “it’s fine because others are doing it” excuse that I have seen often.

OP is acting like MT isn’t as bad…and yet MT has severely damaged Halo Infinite.
Once MT are forced into Spartan Points then there is nothing from stopping them making exclusive items locked behind them. This is the same 343i that mislead us with Infinite’s progression system and you honestly think we should trust them with MT with MCC? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


maybe MTs aren’t as bad as they could be. but bc of MTs the game also isn’t as good as it could be, bc to sell the MTs, devs have to actively design a problem into the game, so they can sell the sollution (in MCCs case: long grind for new players and no sensible way to unlock stuff)


If 343 need to make money as it is quite evident they do… I recommend making a full and complete game… Halo 7?

A halo Battle Royale free to play game would be perfect being a separate entity away from the original series.


Going off your title, you’re incorrect.

When a game is based off a shop, majority of the time it leads to a poor development especially infinite with all the issues it has, and how it was released with all the content missing from what a Halo game offers. Yet we are going on a year and infinite is literally still in beta mode.

Not that bad as some think???


Probably others have responded with this sentiment, but here are my two cents:

What makes you think that this is where MTX starts and ends for MCC? Why do you think that this is the only change they’re going to make? Is it because right now they said they wouldn’t go further? I remember a while back when they were pretty clear that MTX would never be in MCC. Why do you trust massive megacorporations who hate consumers? At what point do you stand up and say that this is wrong?


It’s bad in the sense that they have fundamentally created a problem and are selling you the solution. To a ton of casual players this issue might seem small, but to any veteran Halo player or those familiar with the leveling issues that MCC has: This is a BAD thing. 100%


If it weren’t for the MTX in Infinite odds are Infinite would have been a fully flushed out and well developed game and a lot of people don’t understand that when a game, especially a AAA game like Halo has MTX in it, typically the only quality of the game that doesn’t take a nose dive right into an early grave are the MTX themselves.


It is abundantly clear the people at 343 who made that promise no longer work there.