ACTORS and FORGERS Wanted for Machinima FILM!!!

Are you a fan of Halo Machinima like Red vs Blue and want to participate in a new upcoming production? Or are you an avid forger who loves to create immersive environments well then look no more as we are looking for both. You can submit your application in a replay to this thread just follow the below template just keep in mind the more information the better. Those who are contacted will receive additional information pertaining to their role applied for.

Coming Project Titles

  • Orion Uprising - Experience the prelude to Descending Fire with the story of Ryker and his reasons for joining the military and his eventual rise in the ranks. - Descending Fire - His first day stationed on a new ship and thrust into a chaotic situation, Ryker must engage a new enemy in battle and lead his team with courage and determination to survive and escape their ships destruction or perish with those onboard.Requirements:

  • Must have Halo 5. - Mike for voice communication. - Age 18+ - Willingness to be flexible with team and have a positive attitude.Preferred / Suggested:

  • Prior experience on any film projects. - Prior Military or active duty. - Own the Master Chief Collection (MCC) - Register on the Coalition Network website.Current Positions Types:
    Voice Actor
    Game Actor
    Forge artist
    Graphic artist


  • Gamer Tag: Enter here - Role: The role or roles you are applying for. - Availability/ Time zone: Give us an idea of your availability. - About me: Brief Description about yourself and your interests. - Experience: List any experience and provide links to work if available.Example

  • Gamer Tag: COB StarKiller - Role: Voice Actor - Availability/ Time zone: I’m usually on after 4:30 on the weekdays U.S. PST (Pacific Standard Time). - About me: Hello first off I spend the majority of my days on halo 5 with the guys in warzone but I’m looking for something a little more creative and out there. I have been known among friends to be able to pull off any number of voices and have had no issue getting a laugh out of anyone. I would like to give voice acting a try for your machinima series. - Experience: N/A