Actor Cameos for HI?

Keanu Reeves (as a Spartan or Marine SGT of Higher rank, like SGT First Class or something) AND
Val Kilmer - I would not mind a Doc Holiday type Spartan as a friendly doing missions with him, or him helping Chief in general.
Just add him to a game… since he is in remission from throat cancer… it would be cool to see him in Halo as an Important Character
like a Spartan Fireteam Leader, like Chief, but who you can play with in missions
I am thinking about something that could replace an Iconic role like SGT MAJ Johnson, something/Somebody cool like that.


personally, I do hate Actor Cameos in games, but tbh, these 2 just would fit
and they are 2 nice dudes, so it would be nice to see them in more things.
But yea, I do hate actors in games, like it seems a lot of people do… but these are 2 I would let slide.
and they would be really cool in the games, especially a Doc Holiday Spartan, that would be bad AAAAA… yea!
(if you have not seen tombstone, that is where Doc Holiday is from - val kilmer’s role)

ALSO, if Halo Infinite is going to be a 10 year game… please think about doing the BOOKS as Games, since I think a bunch of the community would rather play the game and experience it with their eyes instead of reading
Would love to see a Cole Protocol game, or Ghosts of Onyx as a game!
(and both those actors could have roles in something like that too, or there instead of Infinite - just a thought).

anyone else excited for Halo Infinite? the monster promo is a hot mess, just like MCC on PC (cannot even complete the H3 LASO for some reason)
What else do people want in halo infinite? would love more wildlife, all the old weapons, vehicles and armors as well as the piece by piece armor customization
and some type of Campaign Loadout system, like the Spartan Ops Loadouts from halo 4, but with the Heavier weapons available for use without having to have them dropped or something like that (NO REQS) - could make a cool squad based game out of the Campaign if you have more players! oh, and No Chief Clones for co-op story.

Halo 2 and 3 had some good cameos. I wouldn’t mind having them return. It all depends if we have anyone to fight beside in Infinite.

We also haven’t seen the Red vs Blue crew since Spartan Ops. Wouldn’t mind seeing them come back as a Voice Pack for multiplayer or Firefight.

All i want is the rvb squad “why does this thing have 8 pedals when theres only 4 directions” “My name is michael j. caboose and I hate taxes.”

Unfortunately Val Kilmer barely speaks anymore after a bout with throat cancer, he lost most of his voice due to a tracheotomy, but thankfully survived. He’s still acting tho, but in his latest movie he’s being dubbed. I assume that with proper rehab therapy, he’ll be able to speak properly in no time.

Keep going with Nathan Fillion.