Active User Signed Out Xbox

Friend of mine keeps getting this on Xbox. He cleared his system cache and it didn’t fix it. He did a hard reset and that didn’t work. Anyone know how to fix it?

They could go into their Microsoft account, select ‘Security’, then ‘See your sign-in activity’. This should show what they’re logged into.

If that doesn’t help, a search of that message might come up with a suggestions. From memory, the issue will go away after around two weeks, which suggests an auto log out somewhere that clears the conflict.

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Wouldn’t it sign him out of xbox live as well? It’s only for MCC and apparently it happens on his laptop as well.

I don’t know. It may be the system thinks they’re logged in on another xbox device.

Try searching that error message, either in this forum, or in your search engine of choice. You may find explanations that way, or other possible ways around the issue.

If all else fails, submit a ticket on the Halo Support site.