Active Players!

I’m looking for active players that I can play with since all my friends went and wasted money on BO2 I’m stuck going into matches by myself and is starting to get a little boring since everyone on this game is silent. So if you have a mic and willing to have someone to slay with Add - BWhiteyy or post your GT below.

SelflessHero08 can you check out my concept forge map and see how you like it?


Hit me up!

Hello gentlemen, if you wouldn’t mind changing your emblem when we play together in matchmaking, then joining Renegade Nation might just be the best way to meet - and play, with new people. (All members of RN have mics, and are 18 or older.)

Here’s the FAQs: Enjin: Website does not exist

And the application: Enjin: Website does not exist

side note 11/20, at 5:30pm PST, we will be doing matchmaking. If you sign up for the event located here: http:// Then your spot will be saved.

I’m in the same boat. Send me a line.

Gamertag: whako

I sent y’all request, same situation with me

I’m down for most playlists, hit me up.

GT: Heyy Youu

I’m adding everyone. AFRO JT