Active military clan on Halo Infinite looking for new members

United Halo Republic

Hello I am a member of the UHR, we are a mil sim clan based of the UNSC in Halo. With many years in the community we are a close group that work well together and are actively looking for new members to join our ranks.

We have a nice balance of chill casual gameplay and the rp/mil sim experience. Whether you want to be a leader and give your input in the clan or chill as a enlisted, it doesn’t matter the choice is yours. With a simplistic progression system you decide how far you go.

Our Marines wear the Rakshasa core as their battle uniform and each member may personalize their uniform depending on their rank within the clan. We have our own themed discord server and play halo infinite daily with a set schedule every week.

Message me if you are interested or have any questions.
(Working Mic required)
Xbox - STORMBLADE#7509
Discord - STORMBLADE#1215