If you are looking for a competitive and military clan join the Eternal Knights an undefeated Halo 4 clan that has moved to the xbox1 and Halo MCC. message me Eternal Static to become something more than the average gamer. We are looking for competitive gamers and those who are familiar with leading clans

The Eternal Knights is a very competitive clan that went undefeated in it time in Halo 4, the clan has just began to surface again now beginning to establish itself in the Halo MCC community. the clan leaders are Eternal Static and Drone PGL message

Are you guys interested in a 4v4 scrimmage some time? If so please add and message “paradlse” so we can work out the details.

The Eternal Knights is very skilled clan that has been beaten once so far, but we remain undefeated in halo 4, we have been around for the past 3 months, now where looking for skilled gamers like or selves to aid us in or transition to the MCC and become apart of the ETK community. ETK is a military and competitive clan that will compete in clan raids and battles. The Eternal Knights are also looking for new very skilled members to become apart of its MLG and PGL division. That will be lead by EternalRampageX, To join message Eternal Static or EternalRampageX on xboxlive. You can find our domination gamplay at