Active Company looking for more members

I’m recruiting for The toxic wolves. We are a military style clan but don’t let that scare you. This clan is more laid back playing halo for fun, and enjoying each other’s company. We have both casual, and competitive players that are always grouping up to play some arena, war zone or customs together. We accept all skill levels and are interested in getting better as a whole clan. We have clan events every weekend and a few rules to follow. One rule is to be ranked in two of the arena play list that is of your own choice. The second is to be active on halo or waypoint. The last rule is to be mature and respect each other. If you are interested in joining send a request to join or message me on here or Xbox for more info.
Stay Frosty Spartans
Werewolf Carrie
Alpha Squad Leader
5* General of The toxic wolves

I also forgot to mention we have four man squads. Where the squad members choose which of them will be leader and co leader. From there they will then come up with a respectable name for their squad.