Active company looking for active people

Hey Guys!
Dirty logic is looking for Active recurits to join! Need people to play with? All of our company members love to team up and play. We play halo every day so come hang and push for Achilles with us! I check halo way point a lot so shoot ur requests any time!
DL PhillyCheese

Could you please stop making new recruiting threads?

Why I’m trying to find new recruits?

Hi OP, please see out rules for recruiting topics. You can find them pinned at the top of this forum :slight_smile:

> There are some specific guidelines that we ask Clan Recruiters to follow during their ongoing recruitment efforts:
> - Each clan is limited to one recruiting thread - Clans may bump their recruiting thread once a week with a legitimate and substantial update (3-4 sentences) - One additional thread may be made for challenges and tournaments