Active clan seeking active members

Hello, Some of you may have seen my previous posts regarding Oracle’s Polyphony.

We are a growing clan of about 30 members that started early last week. We are a sangheili clan that bases our ranking structure off of the sangheili fleet.

It is important to tell you we have a uniform for H2A and an emblem you must wear. If this is a problem we will not compromise for you, regardless of your skill or interest.

We have a ranking structure that is manufactured to tailor the clan to your skill sets. For example our Special Operations division focuses on sniping and marksmanship. Our Zealots division is for people with leadership skills who can run training and lead games. There are other divisions, but I’ll spare you the details.

Our code of conduct is very straight forward, we don’t allow basic things like team killing and rage quitting. We have zero tolerance for disrespect of other players, both in the clan and not.

When you join you will join our infantry, this is where you will train with and against your fellow members until you graduate into a division of you or the councils choosing.
If you are interested in joining contact me on Xbox One. My gamer tag is Apex Arbiter.

I look forward to seeing you in training and in the field,

Imperial Admiral Apex Arbiter

If I am unavailable please contact ImsupercooLL or Eye of Noble.

Here’s our website

Happy Easter,

I was wondering if your clan would be interested in conducting a clan battle with the Epsilon Fleet at! We hope that we can have some friendly battles to promote activity and competition. Message me on Xbox Live if you are interested thank you